Review of the Ivy Exec LinkedIn Company Page

One of the most active places for Ivy Exec on social media is the Ivy Exec Company LinkedIn page. As of this writing there are over 1,850 followers of the page. LinkedIn allows companies to interact with the broader LinkedIn community and share a little about themselves with the world by having a company LinkedIn page.

Ivy Exec LinkedIn Company PageLinkedIn does a nice job with changing the layout and feel of the company page depending on whether you’re signed into LinkedIn or not. If you’re not signed in, you will be able to see the updates but will not see all the information on the right hand side of the page (for example, people you might know at the company in your LinkedIn network, or what other pages people checked out in addition to Ivy Exec which can be a good indication of who is Ivy Exec’s competitor). Instead you will see a box with general contact information but you won’t be able to post comments to the updates. However, once you sign in with your LinkedIn profile, the whole layout and color scheme change and on the top right hand side of the page you can see how you’re connected, the products Ivy Exec offers, and other features. You will also be able to leave comments to the updates that are published.

The content makes the company page

Speaking of the updates, the Ivy Exec company page has a constant stream of posts with relevant content to job seekers and anyone interested in improving his or her career. The updates range from blog posts, which include ones posted on the Ivy Exec blog and other reputable publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, and WSJ. There are also multimedia updates which include links to recordings of live webinars Ivy Exec hosts multiple times a month, as well as links to the exclusive jobs that are posted on Ivy Exec. Each of these posts gets plenty of interaction from people engaging with the content. You can easily comment beneath any update if you have an account on LinkedIn.

The features of the company page

If you look on the right hand side of the company page profile, you will see that there is a section for Featured Groups that showcases the 7,500 member strong Ivy Exec LinkedIn Group. That is another place on LinkedIn where Ivy Exec exhibits a strong presence and interacts with the LinkedIn community. On the right hand side of the page, you will also see a section called “Products and Services” which will bring you to “The Elite Resume Package” which you can reach also from the top of the page right underneath the logo of Ivy Exec under the tab “Products & Services“. There you will see the three products that Ivy Exec has listed including “The Elite Resume Package”, “Career Coaching”, “The Executive Service”. On that page there are short descriptions but if you click on the blue name of the package you will be brought to a deeper overview of the service

The Ivy Exec LinkedIn Company page is very active and a resource for anyone looking for career advice as they pursue their job search. It’s certainly an interesting social media page and the consistency of the updates are nice in comparison with other LinkedIn company pages out there which are only updated once in a blue moon.

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