Learn About the Ivy Exec CrunchBase Profile

This is a review of the Ivy Exec CrunchBase company profile. The company page has a lot of information concerning the development of Ivy Exec as well as major milestones videos, people information, and general information about the company. The most prominent part of the website page is the Milestones section. There are many milestones that the company has put up ranging from its very beginnings when it was just launching all the way to the latest updates which are talking about how they’ve grown past 200,000 members. The milestones section is extensive and it also has many press releases where people can find out more about the company.
Ivy Exec CrunchBase Snapshot

The people on the Ivy Exec CrunchBase page

To the left side of the page General Information section and the People section are most notable. It definitely helps to have the contact information about the company plainly visible. That includes its website, blog, Twitter username, and phone number. That way people can get in touch with the company very easily through many channels. Below this part of the page is the People section and it offers a lot of information about who are the people at the company at the upper levels of management. Of course you have the CEO, Elena Bajic, but you also have the vice presidents and board members listed. This overview of the company probably does not include everybody; however, it gives a good snapshot of the more experienced people in the company.

Information about Ivy Exec developments and products

The nice thing about the Ivy Exec CrunchBase page is that when you scroll down you will see the videos from YouTube about the company and how it grew. Currently there are three videos of the founder talking about the company at different times during its development. This includes raising money, being interviewed on Reuters, and then also doing a segment on CNBC. That exposure must have definitely been great for the company. Watching the videos you can see the passion of the founder and how much hard work the company has done over the years.

If you keep scrolling down you will see the screenshots and products sections of the Ivy Exec CrunchBase profile. Those are really helpful to see how the company products look and also what they are. There you will see the screenshots of the homepage, the Ivy Exec Mentor Network, as well as the page of the website for companies hiring top talent. All of these have been uploaded to CrunchBase either in 2012 or 2013. So it might depend on when you’re reading this article as those pages probably have changed or have been redesigned. If you go to the bottom you will also see the products that are listed that Ivy Exec offers. Probably there could be more products the company has but for now there are three that are put up. The most notable ones are the Ivy Exec Mentor Network, Ivy Suite for Employers, and the Ivy Select Job Posting. There are also descriptions about the products and screenshots of how those pages look. In my opinion the website design has been very well done and is very consistent across all products.

Hopefully this overview of the Ivy Exec CrunchBase company page has been helpful and will let you understand more about the company and all its different components. Of course CrunchBase is constantly being edited and new developments at the company might prompt new edits. However, it still helps to have some idea about what the company does and where to find out more about it. Speaking of which, you can also see on the very top right of the page there are more than 10 external links leading to the various social media profiles of Ivy Exec but also other pages like the BusinessWeek profile on them or even the company YouTube channel that the company has. Those are probably good follow up posts to learn more about the company and what it does. Thank you and till the next time. If you have any questions, please put them in the comments section.

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