A resume in the eyes of a recruiter

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Search professionals lead the charge when it comes to recruiting new talent. Chances are, your first conversation with a new employer begins with a recruiter. You speak either with an external search professional or an internal representative of the firm. In either case, the recruiter’s basic job is to screen you based on:

  1. The logic of your career progression
  2. Your project work, and
  3. Your motivations for seeking a new position.

Your objective should be to address any questions about your career progression and relevant work, and move to a discussion about motivation. A conversation about motivation allows you to build a strong initial relationship with the recruiter, and provides opportunities for you to ask questions about the firm and evaluate the position. In order to have this discussion, the recruiter first needs to know that you are a basic fit for the job.

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A good resume gives you a head start in addressing a recruiter’s initial concerns. No one wants to risk his or her reputation by presenting a candidate outside the basic job spec.

One excellent way to provide basic information is to create a two-part resume. The first part, a CV, provides a basic outline of your career progression. The second part, the project portfolio, highlights your most relevant work. Stick to the basics and avoid exaggerated sales language.

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Jason Sanders is Vice President of Executive Search at Ivy Exec, a web-based recruiting company that combines next generation technology with human power to deliver customized hiring solutions targeting high caliber professionals to help place them in executive jobs. Ivy Exec can help you hire great talent, to learn more check out Ivy Exec.

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