The right mix: Building the core team of a business

Running a company is a tough job. Looking for the right people to sustain its pace is even harder.

A successful company is not the brainchild of just one mind. It is a collective effort of several brilliant minds who have worked hand-in-hand to hit targets and satisfy corporate goals. However, building this team is not as easy as it sounds. Establishing the right mix of people to run a company is an extensive and thorough process.

The following are guidelines that may help business owners find and keep the people they need in their business:

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Moving from “My Idea” to “Our Idea.”
It is natural for people to want their name associated with a certain innovation or idea that they actually created. However, “my idea” will not work for a group. People should learn to share their idea to others—making it “our idea”—to foster a collective sense of ownership and commitment. This will become the foundation for teamwork and collaboration.

Establishing friendship with co-workers.
Hanging out with colleagues after work is a good way to exchange thoughts beyond the significant daily demands of work commitments. Respect and friendship inside and outside the office are key ingredients in building strong organizational relations.

Creating career growth opportunities.
Rewarding employees for their excellent performance and creating new growth opportunities for them will make them feel that they are valuable members of the organization. In addition, discovering their “other talents” may also help them acquire positions that will actually work best for them and for the company in general.

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