Jumpstart a career by marketing yourself

Labor and skills are as much economic commodities as anything else, and can be sold as any product would in a market. And in much the same way as products and services can be marketed to buyers, so can job hunters market themselves before potential employers. Products need a marketing plan to sell well, and following this same approach can drastically improve one’s chances of landing his dream job. Ivy Exec outlines six steps to creating a personal marketing plan for marketing oneself as part of a job-hunting plan.


Ivy Exec image credit: teaching.monster.com

First off, job hunters must define themselves as a “product” and outline the assets that they have to offer their future employers – these assets should be better than what their competitors can offer.


Ivy Exec image credit: studentaffairsblogs.psu.edu

Second, they must list down their prospective “buyers” to who the product fits best. Third, they must arrange and prioritize the buyers according to how they match with their own goals and what they can offer.


Ivy Exec image credit: saleshq.monster.com

Fourth, they must take steps to learn about their potential employers and do extensive research on them. Fifth, they must then craft each of their résumés to target specific employers, with each of their selling points uniquely positioned to attract the attention of a particular employer. Finally, each of the résumés that job hunters send would have to include a letter stating what they can offer the company specifically, and why they would choose the company in the first place.

More on these steps can be accessed at this blog.

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